Awkward & Awesome Thursday

what are you wearingAwkward:
-The amount of times this past weekend that I just completely and utterly forgot what I was talking about. I forgot entire conversations in the course of a few minutes. It takes talent to do what I do.
-My body not getting enough sleep lately. It keeps trying to talk me into doing nothing but sleeping after work. The exciting weekend and lack of sleep have my body ready for a break [re: a full week of nothing but sleep].

-My best friend Shelly and her fiance Phil surprising me with a visit this past weekend for our wedding shower!?!?!?! BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!!
-Blackberry wine from Oliver Winery. YUM YUM YUM!
-I GOT A NEW JOB!!! Wowza. Fantastic raise and an exciting new job! I’m super excited to start down this new path. So many changes in the month of August!
-Fantastic dreams about being in a real life Sherlock Holmes situation!? =)

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