Under the Never Sky: A Review

under the never skyHoly Amazing Main Characters, Batman! Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi was such a wonderful surprise. I was expecting nothing more than my standard enjoyable, but not fantastic, young adult dystopia. What a wonderful way to start off your career Miss Rossi.

The story begins with Aria, a 17 yr old living in one of many dull, grey pods where the inhabitants escape to life in the realms to survive their everyday. The realms are virtual reality, where Aria attends classes, meets with friends, and practices her operatic talents. That is until a classmate plays with fire and she ends up being kicked out of the safety of her Pod and finds herself amidst a world of savages with an ethereal sky hanging down on them all.

With the danger of the sky above ready to break down on civilization and the savage civilizations themselves, Aria has no hope of survival until she runs into Peregrine (Perry) who is a savage himself from the lands beyond her Pod. With Perry’s help, Aria hopes to return home to her Pod and her mother.

The characters are so well developed and their relationships so complex, I really found myself enjoying this novel. It was fun to read and NEW. When reading dystopia, I find myself mostly looking for new storylines  and engaging characters. Under the Never Sky met those challenges with tenacity. Definitely recommended for dystopia and YA fans alike.

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