Awkward & Awesome Thursday

fairy taleAwkward:
-Our lack of honeymoon… I know, I’m being spoiled, but I really would have loved to have some time to just enjoy us and be newlyweds. BACK TO WORK WITH US! Ugh…
-Changing your last name is harder than it looks and the Social Security office works really odd hours (re: 8AM to 3:30PM… I work an hour away).
-No photos of the entire family. I got zero photos with Mitch’s mom and dad. Kinda disappointing.

-Beautiful preview photo (see above) that our photographer shared with us. I love it. Can’t wait to see the other beauties.
-Baby cuddles with my nephew Blakey. He is always such an angel when we’re around. He saves the bad moods for his momma! đŸ˜‰
-Staying in our pjs ALL WEEKEND last weekend. We really needed the down time after all the wedding stresses…
One Girl Conference with my church! Can’t wait to get started making some lip gloss with teen girls and working on the Sole Hope project!

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