Shatter Me: A Review

shatter meShatter Me by Tahereh Mafi is a young adult novel about a teenage girl whose touch is lethal. After accidentally murdering a young boy, Juliette finds herself in an asylum and that is fine by her. Juliette just wants to be left alone. Left alone she doesn’t harm anyone; left alone she can control her powers.

It may be a lonely life, but Juliette is happy knowing she is contained. UNTIL the prison puts another prisoner in her room. It is only a matter of time before she accidentally touches and harms the young man in the room with her. She recognizes the teenager immediately as a former school mate named Adam who was always kind to her. He doesn’t seem to recognize her and that is all the better for her. The less people who know how damaged she really is, the better.

And then everything falls away as Adam is revealed to be a soldier for an enemy militia. A militia with a leader, Warner, hell bent on using Juliette’s extreme powers to further his evil motives. Juliette will do anything to escape without harming anyone else.

The story was alright. It was different. I found the constant slashes through text unnecessary, but an interesting device from the writer. Not interested in continuing the series, although it wasn’t half bad. Two out of five stars for originality, content not engaging enough.

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