Hemlock: A Review

hemlockHemlock by Kathleen Peacock is my dirty little secret. I don’t want to lose you… but it’s a novel about a world where werewolf-ism is spreading across the world. On top of that, part of society is adamantly against werewolves and werewolf rights… sound familiar to today’s issues of equal rights? It is easily relatable to the human rights we are fighting for every day.

After Mackenzie’s best friend Amy is brutally murdered by a white werewolf, she finds her small group of friends spread apart. Her best friend and secret love interest Kyle and Amy’s boyfriend Jason are reeling in the pain of Amy’s loss, but not all in their friendship was hunky-dory as Mac thought. Amy’s apparition haunts Mac until she cannot handle the mystery anymore… she has to find Amy’s killer.

This novel… SO MUCH FUN TO READ. Such a silly concept, but I loved it. Mac is real and kind and through her suffering a true fighter. Great characters, fun story arc. Lots of twists and turns. Definitely suggested to fans of supernatural YA novels.

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