Awkward & Awesome Thursday

fall catAwkward:
-All the laundry stacking up at our apt. What my husband does in any given day to go through so many outfits, I will never understand.
-Miscommunications at work. I can’t seem to reach this co-worker. I try to “kill her with kindness” but I find that we continue to have trouble communicating. It’s frustrating…
-Noodles for lunch that leave an odd smell on your clothes.

-Cats and cozy sweaters and hot tea and pumpkin colored things (like pumpkins ;] ).
-Getting the script for a skit at church for the Kids service. It’s so fun!
-Writing at work. I love when it’s writing my own procedures. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy editing, too, but writing is my real passion.
-Audiobooks. They make my drive to and from work each day much more manageable.
-AND MY AUNT DONNA IS COMING TO VISIT THIS WEEKEND. ❤ She is like a second mother to me and I can’t wait to see her again!

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