The Gates: A Review

the gatesThe Gates by John Connolly was such an ODD young adult novel. Basically, the non-sugar coated version… this novel is about Satan and how a little boy named Samuel and his daschund Boswell are the only things standing between Satan and Earth! Some neighbors decide to call to the underworld as a fun parlor game, but things go terribly wrong (or is it terribly right?) and the Abernathys find their bodies being used by a host of demons and evil creatures.

Odd? Yes. Scary? Yes. This novel does not seem to be a topic appropriate for it’s reading level! While the novel copes with the common fight between good and evil, it still felt a bit stretched.  There were good topics, but I found the novel a bit too evil. The candid way that Connolly wrote about demons and the devil really made me uncomfortable. That being said, I loved the relationship between Samuel and Boswell… their friendship was very Matilda-esque and magical.

The characters were odd and I found myself feeling uneasy about reading this novel. I wouldn’t really suggest this novel, though I’d read this author again if he chose a different topic.

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