For Darkness Shows the Stars: A Review

for darkness shows the starsFor Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund is a dystopian novel about humanity after it has destroyed itself because of genetic engineering gone wrong. Society has been plagued by a disease known as The Reduction for years. The Reduced are human beings who do not have the same cognizance as the non-reduced.

The Luddites are the people who did not believe in the genetic engineering experiments and thus, are not plagued by Reduction. Elliot North is the unofficial luddite lord of the North estate, where many Reduced work on the land as psuedo-slaves. When Kai Wentworth returns to the North estate as a Cloud Fleet officer, Elliot hardly recognizes her long-lost love. Elliot can’t quite put a finger on what has changed about Kai, though she knows very well why he is still angry with her after all these years.

This novel was AWESOME! Not only did it reach on ideas about technology and human beings that I had never though about, but the characters were endearing. This book has everything I could want in a young adult novel! I would DEFINITELY suggest this novel to all who love a good somewhat-futuristic dystopia.

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