Awkward & Awesome Thursday

walk in closetAwkward:
-How busy I’ve been at work. I feel like I’m drowning in tasking! =\ Better than being jobless, though.
-Memorizing lines for a skit on Sunday at church. Oi! I am not as good at memorizing as I used to be. That AND I seem to have developed a case of stage fright. Urgh.

-GAH! That room with all those books. It would be a dream come true! ❤
-My Uncle Dana came into town to visit! I got to see him last night. I wish he and my Aunt Char lived closer to us.
-Plugging in my work laptop RIGHT BEFORE it’s battery dies!! It’s the simple things, guys!

One response to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. you are going to rock it this weekend. (Tonight is also known as MEMORIZE ALL THE LINES night at my house)

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