If I Stay: A Review

if i stayIf I Stay is nothing at all like Gayle Forman’s other novels… and I mean that in the BEST way possible. Gayle Forman’s blog does not lie… she has ALL THE FEELS in this one.

Mia Hall’s family is as close as a family can be. Her father is witty and dry humored, her mother is “tough as nails and as gentle as a kitten”, and her little brother is kind and loving. One winter morning, the Hall family is in a devastating car accident. Mia is stuck in a sort of waiting room between life and death and must decide whether she is going to stay and fight for her life or give up and pass on to whatever comes after death.

Heart rendering, bittersweet, full of love and loss and life. This book reached to a part of my soul that few things can. I couldn’t put the novel down. I had to know what she decided and why. Her grandparents are endearing, her boyfriend is lovely and cozy, and her best friend is endlessly supportive. I thought the entire cast of characters really carried this novel in my heart. I LOVED IT! Would definitely recommend if you need a good cry [or even a bad one]!

One response to “If I Stay: A Review

  1. Aww, that’s nice. Cried enough tears and just want to laugh now, which is what I hope one of my published books could inspire in someone. 🙂

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