Through the Ever Night: A Review

through the ever nightThrough the Ever Night is part TWO of Veronica Rossi’s Under the Never Sky trilogy (review of book one here). WOW. I really did not expect these novels to blow me away the way they do. I love Aria and Perry!! They are both such great characters & Veronica Rossi does a great job of making me feel like I’m close friends with these two very different people.

This story begins months after Aria and Perry last saw each other. Aria is now on a mission for the pods to find out where the Still Blue might be. The Still Blue is supposedly a myth about a place where the sky is not burning with the aether storms that threaten everyone’s safety! Perry is now the Blood Lord of the Tides, in charge of an entire colonies safety and happiness. When Aria shows up at the Tides camp, the tribe members are not pleased at Perry’s choice to couple with a former Dweller. Aria must consider whether leaving Perry to search for the Still Blue is the best choice for Perry and the Tides.

AWESOME companion novel to the first book. All of the characters are contradictory within themselves… Perry is rough edged, but gentle and loving; Aria is weak, but strong-willed and thorny. The constant question over whether or not they can make it work despite the odds stacked up against them is a tale as old as time, but Rossi makes the story seem brand new. Would definitely suggest it to fans of YA dystopia novels!

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