House of Ivy and Sorrow: A Review

ivy and sorrowDrop what you’re doing! If you have not read House of Ivy and Sorrow by Natalie Whipple, you need to readjust your priorities and start reading this novel! This novel is magic and mystery! PERFECT read for the wintery months OR a sunny day in a park.

A curse has been killing members of witching families all over the country for generations. It’s how Josephine Hemlock’s mother died and she’ll do anything to avoid it! When the curse returns to claim her grandmother, Josephine decides to actively find her mother’s killer, whoever is putting this curse on witches is going to have to answer to her! The deeper she digs, the more she learns about her own witchcraft and family history.

NOTHING could do justice to this novel. I just… WOW! I love her writing. It’s so fresh. Natalie Whipple is a breath of fresh air. In bookshelves filled with the same story retold hundreds of different ways, Natalie Whipple’s mind came up with something completely new and unique. With amazing characters and whimsical and dark settings, this novel is sure to be a hit with all fans of YA and fantasy novels!

2 responses to “House of Ivy and Sorrow: A Review

  1. told you it was amazing 🙂

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