Awkward & Awesome Thursday

angry duckAwkward:
SO MUCH SNOW in the past week. I’m not into it!
-I can’t figure out how to work my new tea infuser. I love how strong the loose-leaf tea is, but I think I didn’t get a very good infuser. It’s got a stainless steel mini-collander and a glass cup with slits in the bottom. HELP! How do I use this thing?!
-Asking for a bra for Christmas. I am officially a grown up!

-Planning for our first married Thanksgiving next Thursday! I’m cooking EVERYTHING myself! Nervous, excited, and I hope I don’t fail in my [sarcasm] “wifely duties” [/sarcasm]
-Making my way through novels lately. I. will. catch. up!
-Got my awesome winter clothes out of storage. LOVE cozy sweaters. It’s practically an obsession.

One response to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. you’re doing the tea right. put a teaspoon (ish) of loose leaf tea into the infuser (while on the mug). Pour hot water over the infuser. Let it seep through the tea and into your mug. Ta-da!

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