31 Days of Book Reviews

Frankenweenie is ready for ChristmasOkay, guys, I’m going to go a little crazy this December! I’m going to be having a FULL MONTH… 31 days of book reviews. I’m going to review 31 books that I’ve read this year over the entire month of December. I love the Christmas season, I love buying special gifts for the people who make my life so special. =) SO for all of my lovely blog readers, new and old, I thought I’d post a crap ton of books for you all to check out [or skip] over your Christmas time off and winter breaks. So bring your hot tea or cocoa, your favorite blanket, and be sure to bring a snuggle buddy [read: fur baby] to catch up on 31 days of novels!!

If book reviews aren’t your thang, I’ll still be posting my normal articles AND we’ll start our third year of the 12 Days of Christmas Crafting!!! Be sure to check in over the next 31 days between shopping and watching Elf on replay!

One response to “31 Days of Book Reviews

  1. I kinda wanna do it, too 🙂

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