Allegiant: A Review

allegiantAllegiant by Veronica Roth is book three in the Divergent series (review of Divergent here and Insurgent here). As mentioned in my previous posts, I have gotten less and less interested in Veronica Roth’s novels as they go on…

Allegiant is the final novel in the Divergent saga. In a post-ruins Chicago, Tris and Four find out that the world outside the fence is full of riots and fighting. Four’s mom (and leader of the Factionless) Evelyn Johnson takes over as leader of the equal, factionless society. Tris and Four escape the city confines and go searching beyond the fence for answers. They find that the government has separated all cities into separate experiments to weed out the genetically pure (also known as: divergent). Tris and Four are pulled apart and put back together multiple times [as per Roth’s norm in this series] and they are determined to “save their city”.

While I like Tris and Four as characters, I feel like their story arc really falls short. These novels seem contrived and, honestly, it feels like Roth was rushing to get through the novels. She lacks the patience and style that writers like J.K. Rowling find flowing so easily. I could see where Roth wanted to go and where she could’ve gone, but the novels just weren’t there for me. Not recommended as a series, sorry Veronica. I have so much respect for you for writing your novel so young and all the recognition you’ve gotten, I’m just not into the way these stories ended. =\

One response to “Allegiant: A Review

  1. people either loved or hated the whole series for this book. I thought it was the right ending, even if I didn’t like it. I agree, the first was the strongest, but I still enjoyed them.

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