Rose Under Fire: A Review

rose under fireRose Under Fire is the secondary novel to Elizabeth Wein’s Code Name Verity (reviewed here). These novels are historical YA fiction at it’s ABSOLUTE best! Rose Under Fire takes over a few years after we left the story in Code Name Verity.

This novel is about Rose Justice, an 18 year old American volunteer in the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA). She flies fighter planes to locations for the military forces in and around the war effort during World War II. She is captured on her way to France in 1944 and sent to  Ravensbrück Concentration Camp. Ravensbruck is home to some of the worse human experimentations during the Nazi command.

Rose’s experiences in the camp are so heartbreaking and really in-depth. Wein has a way of making you feel like you were there. After reading this novel, I feel like I’ve survived through the hell of a concentration camp, the hopelessness is palpable. GREAT novel. SO MANY FEELS! Love this author!

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