Thornhill: A Review

thornhillThornhill is the second novel in Kathleen Peacock’s Hemlock trilogy. Am I reading a geeky YA novel about werewolves… you bet your bottom dollar, I am!? I’m oddly into this series… I think it’s a mixture of the characters and the action of the novels.

Mackenzie’s life is finally coming together after the loss of her best friend Amy… her dreamie best friend Kyle is now also her boyfriend. Forget the fact that Kyle is a werewolf and entirely dangerous… what more could a teenage girl want? Kyle left her with nothing but a note stating that he was going to go to the  Lupine Syndrome Registration Bureau (LSRB), the worst possible place for a werewolf to go. The camps run by the LSRB are glorified prison camps with the goal of “curing” it’s occupants. Mac refuses to allow Kyle to back out gracefully and follows him to the camp.

It’s worse than Mac imagined. The inhabitants of the camp are treated like animals. With her life now in danger of the torture abhorrent at the LSRB camp, she must find a way to escape with Kyle. Can she stop the LSRB from inside their Nazi-esque death camp? Can she save her own life?

Gah! SO MUCH ACTION. I know, it’s silly… action involving werewolves. The part that really appeals to me is the relativity to human rights we are fighting for in today’s day and age. It’s a fast read, easy to get through and fun! If you’re into the paranormal/fantasy stuff, this is another fun novel to pick up!

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