Across a Star-Swept Sea: A Review

across a star swept seaAcross a Star-Swept Sea is the sequel to Diana Peterfreund‘s For Darkness Shows the Stars (review here). This novel starts on the opposite shore from where we left Elliot and Kai.

The island of Galatea is under turmoil, as the revolutionaries give the Reduction drug (which inhibits brain function) to any remaining innocent aristocrats. The innocent’s only hope for rescue is The Wild Poppy, a mysterious spy who has save numerous aristocrats from being given the Reduction drug. The Wild Poppy is really Persis Blake, a young woman whose cover as a spoiled and frivolous socialite is working very well to keep her identity a secret. On a rogue mission gone wrong, Persis finds herself saved by Justen Helo who is looking for safety far from Galatea.

Once back on the neighboring island of Albion (Persis’ home), Justen reveals he is a runaway from his home. Can Persis help protect Justen without revealing her secret identity?

This Scarlet Pimpernel-inspired adventure is full of action, humor, and wit. Double identities always prove to be fun reads! I enjoyed the mystery abound in Peterfreund’s latest novel about a dystopian Earth.

2 responses to “Across a Star-Swept Sea: A Review

  1. This sounds really good!

  2. True story. I’ve ready this book. I have not read the first one. I somehow missed they were a series.

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