Iron Hearted Violet: A Review

iron hearted violetIron Hearted Violet is a middle-school novel by Kelly Barnhill. To be completely transparent, I thought the cover looked cool, so I figured why not?!

Not all princesses are beautiful. Violet thinks she’s a perfect example of this hardened fact. Violet is smart, she is well-loved, and she loves to weave intricate stories, but she still longs for the beauty she rightfully deserves as a princess. Violet and her best friend Demetrius find a hidden room with a secret book describing the Nybbas, an evil being stuck in their world. After stumbling upon the book, Violet begins to hear a voice whispering to her and talking to her about her deepest, darkest secrets. With the help from a scarred dragon and Demetrius, Violet can help the Nybbas triumph or fail, but which is it?

This story is weaved really well. It was pretty apparent that the reading level was lower than I’m used to, but I enjoyed the story. Violet is such a lovable and relatable character, she struggles with real issues that most adults struggle with on the daily. The dragon was probably my favorite part! Suggested for a very light read… it reads almost like a children’s novel, but good writing!

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