Transparent: A Review

transparentTransparent is Natalie Whippet‘s debut novel that I decided to pick up after falling in love with her writing in  House of Ivy and Sorrow. She is such a fantastic writer and so personable, I couldn’t help but enjoy her novel.

Fiona is invisible. No, no, hear me out. And she’s the daughter of an infamous crime lord who has forced her to do his dirty work for years. WAIT. It’s not as silly as it sounds. Fiona is tired of her father’s manipulations, so when her mother suggests they run away (yet again) Fiona jumps at the opportunity. She finally has a normal life: she’s going to school, ignoring her mother, fighting with her brother and doing everything that a normal teenager would do. But being invisible is not as simple as it seems. She struggles against her classmate’s weird looks and her own failures in class. What’s an invisible girl to do in the real world, especially when her father puts a bounty out for her and her mother?

Transparent is such a funny premise, I really didn’t know how I’d feel about the novel, but it’s the WRITING, that’s how she gets me. This novel was not as in-depth and complex as House of Ivy and Sorrow, but it was just plain FUN! I’ve got the sequel to this novel (Blindsided) waiting for me at the library right now! Please keep writing, Natalie! You have a sure-fire fan in this geeky girl! Recommended for a fun read!!

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