Landline: A Review


Landline is another awesome novel from the ever-expanding collection of classics coming from Rainbow Rowell. I’ve loved every novel of Rainbow’s that I’ve read (all of them): Fan Girl, Eleanor & Park, and Attachments. This one was closer to Attachments than Eleanor & Park, but I found myself (as a newlywed) really relatable.

Georgie McCool (yes, that’s her real name) is finally getting somewhere in her career. She’s a writer for a popular TV show and the pilot episode for her very own series is being presented to the network! The only problem… she’s supposed to be going to her husband Neal’s mother’s home in Omaha with their two little girls. She tries to explain to Neal why her career is worth more than their trip to Omaha – and fails. Neal and her children leave for Omaha, while Georgie stays back in Los Angeles to finish her pilot episode.

When Georgie calls Neal from her mother’s house, she gets through, but not to the present-day Neal… by some magic, Georgie gets through to Neal from the Christmas they got engaged. Georgie is transfixed and remembers all over again why she loves Neal. Georgie would do anything to save her failing marriage and she can’t seem to kick the feeling that this magical reconnection was given to her for a reason. How can Georgie write her show (her dream) without losing her husband and true love?

UGH. THE FEELS. Rainbow, how is it that you know exactly how my mind works and exactly how to tug at those heartstrings?! All of Rainbow’s characters are me… me as different people, me in different lives. She is a fantastic writer and Landline is no different. GREAT read! Pick it up now! =)

One response to “Landline: A Review

  1. I just liked this one OK. I wanted more of the story between them and less of everything else 🙂

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