Self Love


Today will be about a lot of different kinds of love: romantic, friendship, familial; however, I would like to talk about the most important kind of love… SELF LOVE. Self love is about accepting and adoring yourself for who you are without seeking the consent of others. It’s about a lifelong journey to loving every little bit about yourself. Loving yourself just as you are… right now, in this VERY moment.

Self love is the most difficult of the loves for me. I struggle with the desire to not be narcissistic, not be too flashy, the desire to be a little thinner, with a nicer nose, a better personality, kinder, less selfish, and a slew of other things. Because I am human. I am human and I am flawed and THAT is why self love is so difficult for me. Self love is not the love of television and films, it is the love that is cultivated alone in the quiet of your own mind.

I am working on it. Every day. It is a constant battle in my life and one that I find a lot of my loved ones struggling with… so here is your reminder. Today, of all days, please be a little kinder to yourself. Take a moment to appreciate YOU, all of you.

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