Mr & Mrs Movie Night: To Catch a Thief

To Catch a Thief.jpg

For our second Mr & Mrs movie night we decided to watch Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief with Cary Grant & Grace Kelly. I’ve been a fan of Cary Grant since the first time I watched An Affair to Remember (one of my favorite romances) and loved him even more after I saw Bringing Up Baby, so I knew I’d enjoy this one!

The story follows a reformed cat burgular, John “The Cat” Robie (Cary Grant), as he tries to clear his name when a series of jewelry heists occur in the Riviera. The insurance agent, who is dealing with the backlash over all the thefts, reaches out to Robie for help. At the top of the list of expected victims is a woman named Jessie Stevens and her beautiful daughter Frances (Grace Kelly).

I guessed somewhat early on who was behind the thefts, but that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the film! It’s practically done in a classic James Bond style… women, beaches, a foreign country, and a mystery! I think this may have been my first experience with Alfred Hitchcock and I was not disappointed!

One response to “Mr & Mrs Movie Night: To Catch a Thief

  1. You should watch “Rope” with James Stewart (his first collaboration with Hitchcock). It would also tie in nicely with “It’s a Wonderful Life,” which of course also featured Stewart in a leading role.

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