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Mr & Mrs Movie Night: Bridget Jones’ Baby

Bridget Jones' Baby

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now! =)

For Valentine’s Day, Mitch gave me a card with two bunnies at a drive-in movie that said “My favorite place to be… is next to you.” With the card, he handed me a binder ring filled with a bunch of beautiful little pieces of paper with Romantic films listed on each one. Mitch said, “I want to watch each one of these movies with you so I can learn all the different ways to love you.”

My father is a man’s man, an Army Sergeant, an outdoorsy guy, and a car guy… he was not a sit-and-watch-romcoms-with-my-wife kind of guy. That’s not to say that he didn’t watch romantic films with us, but it just wasn’t his thing… not something he put a lot of thought or effort into watching. That’s why Mitch’s gift was so special to me.

Before he started our Mr and Mrs movie nights, I never would have asked Mitch to sit through a romantic movie with me. I wouldn’t want to “put him through that”.  Mitch recognized that in me and is making an effort to watch films that I might like!

We watched Bridget Jones’ Baby first (it was also in the bag with the binder ring)! I have been a lover of Bridget Jones since I first picked up Bridget Jones’ Diary in the 7th grade. This film was no exception… Bridget getting herself into a situation and having to figure it out with humor and a bit of wit! We laughed, I almost cried, it was a fun night going on Bridget’s latest adventure!


Studio Ghibli is the BEST!

spirited-awayHave I mentioned my recent love of Studio Ghibli films? I am not usually into animated films, though I was into Sailor Moon when I was younger [Thanks, Shelly ;)]… and I loves me some Hello Kitty. I guess I’m a wanna-be asian. hahaha.

princessmononokemyneighbortotoroEither way, Studio Ghibli really grabbed me! Mitchel suggested Howl’s Moving Castle on one rainy weekend day at the library. We checked it out and I was purposely avoiding it when choosing which movie to watch, but it was inevitable… the film called out to me and we eventually watched it.

And oh… my… goodness. arrietyIt has been a love affair ever since. We’ve watched Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, The Secret World of Arriety, My Neighbor Totoro, and Spirited Away. We have Kiki’s Delivery Service waiting for us at our apartment. AND I’ve already put Ponyo, Castle in the Sky, The Cat Returns,  and Pom Poko on request from the local library.

totoro rawwwwwwwrIf you haven’t checked out Studio Ghibli yet, I urge you to [and so does Totoro].