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Mr & Mrs Movie Night: Bridget Jones’ Baby

Bridget Jones' Baby

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now! =)

For Valentine’s Day, Mitch gave me a card with two bunnies at a drive-in movie that said “My favorite place to be… is next to you.” With the card, he handed me a binder ring filled with a bunch of beautiful little pieces of paper with Romantic films listed on each one. Mitch said, “I want to watch each one of these movies with you so I can learn all the different ways to love you.”

My father is a man’s man, an Army Sergeant, an outdoorsy guy, and a car guy… he was not a sit-and-watch-romcoms-with-my-wife kind of guy. That’s not to say that he didn’t watch romantic films with us, but it just wasn’t his thing… not something he put a lot of thought or effort into watching. That’s why Mitch’s gift was so special to me.

Before he started our Mr and Mrs movie nights, I never would have asked Mitch to sit through a romantic movie with me. I wouldn’t want to “put him through that”.  Mitch recognized that in me and is making an effort to watch films that I might like!

We watched Bridget Jones’ Baby first (it was also in the bag with the binder ring)! I have been a lover of Bridget Jones since I first picked up Bridget Jones’ Diary in the 7th grade. This film was no exception… Bridget getting herself into a situation and having to figure it out with humor and a bit of wit! We laughed, I almost cried, it was a fun night going on Bridget’s latest adventure!