Awkward & Awesome Thursday


– My first sinus infection since my sinus surgery last spring. I feel like I’ve been sick for a month!
-Working night shift this week. How does no sleep and constant irritability sound?

-Homemade tacos!!
-Getting to watch my favorite romantic comedies.
-Homemade dinners with me and my awesome coworker while being forced to work night shift!

To the Lighthouse: A Review


To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf is about The Ramsey’s, a family of 8 whose matriarch is one of the main focal points of the novel. Mrs. Ramsey’s relationship with her husband is rocky at best; Mr. Ramsey’s egotistical and narcissistic nature does not blend well with Mrs. Ramsey’s giving and kind soul. The Ramsey’s have a number of regular guests at their summer home, all of whom are characters.

The most interesting part of this novel is the revolving  narrative. The narrator shifts from character to character and halfway through, it even shifts in time. While nothing of renown seems to happen, the main focus of this book seems to be the characters and their point of views.

I didn’t necessarily dislike the novel, but I wouldn’t put it on my list of favorites. It’s my first jump into the infamous Virginia Woolf and I can see why her novels are praised for their character development and complexity.

If you’ve read Virginia Woolf, what’s your favorite novel of hers? I’m always looking to add books to my To Be Read pile!

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-When the sushi you receive has different ingredients than the sushi you ordered. Say no to avocado!
-Changing your work schedule three times in the course of four weeks. Can I hear a collective UGH?
-Trying a little something special with my hair… and ending up with a copper top and ashy ends. YAY for toner and the employees at Sally’s!
-Our Christmas tree is still up. In February.

-Days when the makeup goddesses come together and I actually look like a put together thirty-something.
-Writing Valentine’s cards for your favorite littles. ❤
-Days when NOTHING is on the docket. Remind me what those are like…

Self Love


Today will be about a lot of different kinds of love: romantic, friendship, familial; however, I would like to talk about the most important kind of love… SELF LOVE. Self love is about accepting and adoring yourself for who you are without seeking the consent of others. It’s about a lifelong journey to loving every little bit about yourself. Loving yourself just as you are… right now, in this VERY moment.

Self love is the most difficult of the loves for me. I struggle with the desire to not be narcissistic, not be too flashy, the desire to be a little thinner, with a nicer nose, a better personality, kinder, less selfish, and a slew of other things. Because I am human. I am human and I am flawed and THAT is why self love is so difficult for me. Self love is not the love of television and films, it is the love that is cultivated alone in the quiet of your own mind.

I am working on it. Every day. It is a constant battle in my life and one that I find a lot of my loved ones struggling with… so here is your reminder. Today, of all days, please be a little kinder to yourself. Take a moment to appreciate YOU, all of you.

35 Before 35

Having a 30 before 30 list was really inspiring and helped me to stay focused with my life goals. I didn’t accomplish all 30 of my goals, but I did a lot to better myself. That’s the true focus of my goal lists; goals that will help me become the best version of myself!


Without further ado, my 35 before 35 list (in no particular order):

  1. Finish Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels of All Time. Currently on book 37/100.
  2. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  3. Complete a short story or poem.
  4. Participate in a Color Run.
  5. Make an apron.
  6. Read the entire Holy Bible.
  7. Go kayaking.
  8. Learn to quilt a blanket.
  9. Travel to a foreign country.
  10. Skip-it 100 consecutive times.
  11. Finish my Rainbow Granny Stripe Crochet blanket.
  12. Have my 1st Child.
  13. Make a book purse.
  14. Go on my first cruise.
  15. Learn to cross stitch.
  16. Buy my own house.
  17. Get another tattoo (or two or three!).
  18. Go to another Broadway show.
  19. Dye my hair a cool color!
  20. Get a professional photoshoot.
  21. Visit all 50 states. Have been to 21/50.
  22. Send a message in a bottle.
  23. Go on a spontaneous adventure.
  24. Plant a garden.
  25. Learn to play an acoustic guitar.
  26. Go to a live concert!
  27. Take a trip with my mom.
  28. Learn how to ride a motorcycle.
  29. Go back to school for my Master’s degree.
  30. Pay off my credit cards.
  31. Make my own bath bomb.
  32. Have a star named after me.
  33. Go on a train ride.
  34. Learn how to change the oil in my car.
  35. Volunteer for something I believe in!


Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-The colder it gets outside, the HOTTER my apartment seems to get. I don’t know how that makes any sense, but the struggle is REAL.
-Being sick for going on two weeks. I’d like to breathe sometime soon, self.
-Letting my blog go for YEARS on end! Being an adult is pretty darn awkward…

-Leftover Thai! I loves me some cold Thai Basil Noodles. YUM!
-Once Upon a Time. I know, I know… I’m a little late to the game. A LOT late to the game.
-Wearing my new Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes shirt to work! Secretly nerdy shirts make me really happy. =)


It’s been a while, blogosphere.

The problem with leaving a blog unattended is that the longer you’re gone, the harder it is to start again. I’ve written and rewritten a dozen blog posts over the last few years, each as feeble a beginning as the next. The words are lost to me. I can’t make a post that will do justice to the years I’ve been gone.

Suffice it to say, I have lived. I have loved. I have lost myself and I have found myself. I have lived.


BUT, most importantly… Mitch and I took a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando! I got to go to Diagon Alley this time AND we bought interactive wands that enabled us to perform “magic” at various points throughout the park. The amount of work they’ve put into making the parks is truly remarkable.


My favorite parts included the dragon on top of Gringotts bank, Butterbeer (of course), Peanut Butter and Jelly ice cream (from Flourean Fortescue’s), and the Dueling Dragon’s roller coaster!

Despite the amazingly cool Harry Potter stuff, I was SICK AS A DOG the entire time… something about Florida, I always seem to get sick when I go between weather. Snowy Indiana to sunny Florida… just doesn’t seem to mix when my sinuses are involved.


If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter-verse, I definitely think you should consider taking a trip to Orlando. It’s like stepping inside one of the novels! =)

I don’t think I’ll ever stop waiting for my Hogwarts letter!